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Lucky Friday: Confluence at Sunset

So much is happening in Demitassse world. As many of you know, Demitasse, is the smallest of bands, just myself and Joe Reyes. We typically play as a duo, with a starkly minimal setup. Two acoustic guitars and our two voices.

But on Friday the 13th of July we promise a different set up. For nearly the first time ever, Demitasse will play as a full band. Accompanied by Odie (Buttercup) on bass, we will march nearly into rock territory. This band, what I'm calling the Demitasse Good Times Band, is devastatingly capable. With Chris Maddin, former Glassnote recording artist, on piano and backing vocals, the songs will have a piano-drenched mellowness that will make you smile. Dane Rousay joins on drums, and his soft style is perfectly suited for Demitasse. And of course, Odie brings it full circle and grounds us. It's a fantastic band full of crack musicians: I couldn't be more excited.

Confluence Park is an absolute masterpiece; the place is filled with native plants and sits along the banks of the San Antonio River. There is a giant concrete domed structure that will serve as a band shell for our performance. This space alien-esque pavilion is full of lights and has great acoustical properties. It doubles as a rain catchment system and is a big part of how Confluence Park recycles and filters water through native plants and soil swales. We will begin our performance at sunset. It is free. All ages are welcome. Come and bring some folding chairs and non-alcoholic drinks. We will project our new video and preview our new album. Then we can all go for the after party at the Friendly Spot.

Glad tidings, Erik and Demitasse

Confluence Park at twilight

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