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Demitasse (pronounced “DEHmee-toss”) is a two piece acoustic group. It is the side project for Erik Sanden and Joe Reyes of the Texas art rock band Buttercup. Singing softly, the duo crafts “spare, riveting, heartsick folk-pop.” Demitasse’s singing sets them apart: like those of the Everly Brothers or the Carpenters, their voices are twinned with a family-like trust. Their debut record, Blue Medicine, was released in 2014 to critical acclaim, and NPR picked the band as one of the top acts to see at SXSW.


Joe Reyes is a Grammy award winning guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. Erik Sanden composes songs that NPR calls “jangly art rock for the left side of the brain.” Together in Buttercup and now in Demitasse, they sing together like brothers and are charmingly familiar with their audiences.

"Demitasse is second to none.  Out of sadness, both artists created a work of unconventional beauty that, no matter how artsy it gets, never loses its strong melodies and edgy humor."

                                                             - Enrique Lopetegui, San Antonio Current

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